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  • Recognised as a market authority

Energy Aspects is an independent research consultancy. Founded in 2012, the company is committed to providing indispensable analysis of energy markets to its clients to help guide their investment, trading and research decisions.

We analyse market fundamentals, tradeflows, geopolitics and forecast price movements. We develop in-depth research by combining our data models with knowledge gained from our network of high-level industry contacts to provide forward-looking views on all major market trends.

We have developed extensive data models that underpin our analysis. These include:

  • Monthly global balances
  • Detailed supply and demand
  • Import, export and trade flows
  • Upcoming major oil, gas and LNG projects
  • Refinery capacity, including additions and closures
  • North American oil and gas infrastructure (pipelines, rail, etc.) and PADD balances
  • Power fuel switching models for European and US markets
  • Short-term and long-term natural gas demand forecast

Our reports assess major topics, regions and trends. We also deliver timely analysis of breaking news with our E-mail alert service.

We offer a selection of subscription services, spanning our research products, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

We also provide consultancy services to individual clients.

Energy Aspects is recognised as a leading provider of market insight, with our analysts regularly providing comments for a wide variety of print, online and television media outlets.


Energy Aspects provides one of the best market intelligence briefs in a timely manner. Since their inception, Energy Aspects’ analysis of the oil market fundamentals became one of the outstanding sources to appreciate and comprehend these market dynamics. 

Dr.  Nasser Al-Dossary, Advisor to H.E. the Minister of Petroleum and Minerals Saudi Arabia


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