The breakup

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A momentous decision by UK voters to leave the EU has left global markets reeling. It is simply too soon to predict what the future holds for the UK and Europe and much will depend on the terms agreed. Negotiations will not begin until Article 50 is invoked, in October at the earliest. In the near..

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Middle East Quarterly cover

Middle East Quarterly

The recent rally in crude prices, with global benchmarks up to $50 per barrel in early June, will be welcomed by oil exporters across the Middle East and North Africa. However, these price levels will not generate enough revenue to fully cover government spending, especially in countries—such as L..

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Ready about

Ready about cover
Asian fuel oil stocks are set to draw in July, perhaps by 5 mb or more, as arbitrage inflows from West of Suez markets are set to fall to their lowest level in years. This has been long overdue and will help rebalance the market after months of excessively high stocks. The shortfall in western suppl..

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Midwest region: Reluctant embrace

Midwest region: Reluctant embrace cover
In 2015, the EIA started to publish storage inventory numbers on a more disaggregated basis, showing five different regions. We are therefore publishing a series of Insights to provide regional analysis aligned with those storage regions. We now turn to the Midwest storage region—which stretches f..

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European carbon

European carbon cover
The decision by the UK to leave the EU (Brexit) led to proprietary traders dumping EUAs on Friday, with carbon falling by over 12.5% at a close of 4.96 €/t. Now follows a long period of uncertainty over the status of UK installations in the EU ETS. There is uncertainty in the UK about what is actu..

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All about EU

All about EU cover

A tightening European gas market has helped push global LNG prices back above the 5 $/mmbtu level. The European tightening was driven by a combination of supply side issues (high Norwegian maintenance), high UK demand for gas to go into its power sector, ..


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