In the hands of refining

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Brent timespreads have remained fairly oblivious to the growing number of unplanned upstream outages, and we believe refining is to blame. Across Asia and Europe, forward margins have weakened significantly, reducing the appetite to buy crude in advance, especially since the material flattening of t..

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North America Quarterly cover

North America Quarterly

This is the May 2016 edition of our North America Quarterly, covering all important aspects of the region, with a particular focus on the growth of tight oil and its impact on regional and global balances for both crude and products. The Quarterly is designed to be the most comprehensive guide to US..

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Ships in the night

Ships in the night cover

Fuel oil demand surged in Asia in Q1 16, led by robust bunker fuel sales. Singapore bunker sales remain the key driver of Asia’s fuel oil demand, growing by 10.3% y/y in April to 0.84 mb/d. Low oil prices continue to support shippers’ demand for fuel notwithstanding the industry’s underlyin..

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Northeast Asian fuel switch: Japan

Northeast Asian fuel switch: Japan cover
In this Insight we look at the potential for Japanese gas demand to expand as a result of coal-to-gas power sector fuel switching. Any potential for coal-to-gas switching will be influenced by the return of the nuclear power plants that currently remain offline. As of now, only two units (1.8 GW) o..

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European carbon

European carbon cover
The EU published its summary of 2015 emissions and compliance positions for EU ETS on Friday. The reported numbers confirm the findings gathered from previous data releases including that: Verified emissions of greenhouse gases from stationary installations totalled 1,800 Mt in 2015, some 0.37% bel..

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Is it a monster?

Is it a monster? cover
With the long march of LNG new supply continuing and prices staying resolutely low, albeit a little higher than in mid-April, the demand side is starting to show some response. That better demand response, combined with some price pressure coming from NBP/TTF prices being supported by an extension o..

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