Overcooked or just right?

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As crude prices continue to rally, many have been left wondering whether the move is justified or overdone. Undoubtedly, changes in sentiment, both against the US dollar and in favour of oil, have seen significant amounts of passive and CTA money flow back into energy after nearly two years away. Bu..

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Asia Pacific Quarterly cover

Asia Pacific Quarterly

Asia is the only major crude short left in the world. Yet, despite being the fastest growing demand centre globally, the region’s product surplus is rising. Asia is gaining more buying power in an oversupplied crude market, and is sourcing its crude from farther and farther away. It is also bec..

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Weigh anchor

Weigh anchor cover

Fuel oil is in a mini-bull market. Notwithstanding commentators’ continued reliance on ‘poor demand’ to understand what is going on in the market, demand is actually performing well. On a global basis, fuel oil demand likely grew by 1.2% y/y in Q1 16, which would be the first qu..

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Ethane rejection

Ethane rejection cover
A by-product of the shale gas revolution in the US has been the unprecedented growth in the production of natural gas liquids (NGLs). In particular, the amount of ethane produced in the US, compared to existing demand, has resulted in oversupply and very low ethane prices. The sharp fall in the et..

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European carbon

European carbon cover
After a crazy week, when carbon hit highs of 6.84 €/t on Wednesday’s close before dropping back to around 6.0 €/t at the start of the current week, the market still seems to be looking for a place to settle. With historic close-to-close volatility up at 80%, the market has become extremely har..

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Sign of the times

Sign of the times cover
With the LNG market moving towards its period of being structurally long supply capacity, the expected change to buyers’ behaviour is beginning to happen. JERA (a joint venture between TEPCO and Chubu), looks increasingly like a commercial entity. In a clear sign of the times, it announced that it..

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