Long-term energy market outlook

The next 20 years threaten to be a watershed period for energy markets with an unusually large number of landmark events on the horizon making the future incredibly hazy.

The Long-term energy market outlook service provides our forecasts for international energy markets out to 2040.

As well as a region/country-specific and fuel-type approach, we also look at the key contributing sectors. This holistic approach provides an all-encompassing understanding of how oil, gas, coal, renewables and nuclear markets will evolve over the coming decades based on existing and likely policy decisions and trends.

For more details see below and download the service brochure in PDF format here.

Long-term energy market outlook

This annual report contains our views on supply, demand and prices from 2018 to 2040. Built on our detailed model of primary energy production and consumption, it incorporates detailed analysis of a wide range of relevant topics (e.g. electric vehicles, petrochemicals, Asian economic growth, etc). The report provides particularly detailed forecasts over the next five years, our medium-term outlook horizon.

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Long-term outlook data

Download the detailed data behind our outlook for the five sources of primary energy―oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables. The data cover relative supply and demand on a global and regional basis, and price forecasts for crude oil and natural gas.




Medium-term update

We refresh the medium-term outlook—looking out over the next five years—once a year to ensure our forecast reflects the latest fundamental drivers at the prompt such as economic shifts, technology changes, and regulatory and political dynamics.




E-mail alerts

We publish timely e-mail alerts examining pertinent developments related to the assumptions that drive our long-term forecast. For example, a series of major new upstream discoveries, a significant technological breakthrough or a shift in the outlook for the global economy.

Each month we provide a synopsis of the latest developments related to, and potentially impacting, the long-term outlook.

Monthly Long-term email updates

Every month we publish a short update detailing the interlink between freshly-released, new data and our reference case outlook. Subscribers benefit from a long term forecast that always analyses the most recent data sets and market-moving developments.




Subscribers are invited to exclusive workshops, held annually in both London and Houston. The workshop provides a forum for our analysts to present our long-term methodology and views and fully address topics of interest. Subscribing companies will have two seats at either the London or Houston workshop.



How to order

To subscribe, please contact your account representative or email sales@energyaspects.com