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Trevor Sikorski is the Head of Natural Gas and Carbon Research at Energy Aspects. Trevor has been analysing European energy and environmental markets for more than 15 years, having held senior analytical research roles with Barclays Capital, Point Carbon, Global Insight and PwC. He has an in-depth understanding of the global markets for generation fuels and carbon, including their fundamentals, trading behaviours, and complex interactions. In 2010, he was named the top carbon market analyst by Environmental Finance magazine and was in Commodity Magazine’s commodities research team of the year in 2011. Trevor is frequently featured in leading media outlets, including the Financial Times, BBC News, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Sky News.

Recent publications

  • | Fundamentals

    Global LNG prices continued to soften in March, and LNG imports into China and price-sensitive India increased y/y. South Korean demand also increased y/y, though by less than in recent months, while Japanese demand remand largely flat y/y. Outside of Asia, Latin American demand continued to disappo..

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  • | Spoiler alert

    Globally, LNG prices were pretty stable in April, trading around 5.25 $/mmbtu for most of the month, down by 9% m/m. By the end of the month, prices had moved back up to 5.55 $/mmbtu thanks to some unplanned outages at Australian trains and some summer buying. With three Gorgon Trains and three Sa..

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  • | Calmer waters

    In April, EUA prices traded with reduced volatility but tended to slide, averaging 4.8 €/t and closing at around 4.6 €/t. Average prices over the month fell by around 6% m/m. As with the price declines in March, the story was the downward pressure coming from the higher volumes of EUA sales y/y out..

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  • | Latin America – Mar 2017

    Aggregate Latin American imports totalled just 0.75 Mt in March, down by 0.3 Mt y/y, or 28%. Argentina, Brazil and Chile all imported less LNG than last year over the month. Argentina, taking its first cargo since October 2016, imported just 0.03 Mt, which is lower y/y by 0.1 Mt. Brazilian imports r..

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  • | India – Mar 2017

    LNG imports into price-sensitive India posted another month of strong y/y gains in March, as global LNG prices softened. LNG imports were 2.08 Mt in March, down slightly from 2.13 Mt in February but 0.27 (15%) higher y/y. March was the second consecutive month that Indian LNG receipts have climbed y..

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