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Trevor Sikorski is the Head of Natural Gas and Carbon Research at Energy Aspects. Trevor has been analysing European energy and environmental markets for more than 15 years, having held senior analytical research roles with Barclays Capital, Point Carbon, Global Insight and PwC. He has an in-depth understanding of the global markets for generation fuels and carbon, including their fundamentals, trading behaviours, and complex interactions. In 2010, he was named the top carbon market analyst by Environmental Finance magazine and was in Commodity Magazine’s commodities research team of the year in 2011. Trevor is frequently featured in leading media outlets, including the Financial Times, BBC News, Reuters, Bloomberg, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, and Sky News.

Recent publications

  • | Latin America – May 2017

     Indicative data show Latin American LNG imports at a total of 1.49 Mt in May, a y/y decrease of 0.5 Mt. Brazil led the fall, taking just 0.14 Mt, down y/y by a huge 0.28 Mt (67%), while Chile’s 0.37 Mt total was 0.20 Mt (34%) lower y/y, and Mexico’s 0.34 Mt total was down by 0.17 Mt. Argentina was..

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  • | North American gas

    Temperatures are expected to be slightly cooler than normal over the next five days before a trend of hotter than average temperatures emerges across the continental US. However, some commercial forecasts suggest an area of moist soil in the central states and the Midwest will need to dissipate before hotter summer temperatures can really take hold across the country...

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  • | European gas

    Gas prices were volatile last week, as levels and seasonal spreads moved in response to Centrica’s announcement on 20 June that it will permanently close the UK’s Rough storage facility. Seasonal contracts from summer-18 onwards moved as market participants adjusted positions to reflect both a perm..

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  • | European carbon

    This week starts with Monday’s important vote in the European Council on the post-2020 revisions to the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). The initial EC proposals included a 24% saving by 2030 on ‘business-as-usual’ (BAU) emissions—a target that even at the time looked very weak as the 2020 target ..

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  • | Gas to power – searching for demand

    With the global gas market tipping into export capacity oversupply, attention has turned more to the demand side. While that inevitably involves considering where new regasification capacity is to be added, regasification projects have a mixed history—in some cases, gas demand follows quickly, while..

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