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Dominic specialises in North American crude oil market analysis. His work at Energy Aspects centres on supply and demand fundamentals, with a particular emphasis on regional crude balances, trade flows and grades. His research covers specialist areas such as Cushing storage, pipeline arbitrage and Canadian oil sands market dynamics. Prior to Energy Aspects he worked for a London based commodity fund as an oil derivatives trader, and for UBS in New York. Dominic holds a BA from Nottingham University and a GDL in Law from the University of Law, London. Dominic is currently an MBA candidate at Warwick Business School, where he is enrolled on the Global Energy MBA programme.

Recent publications

  • | US Department of Energy

    Extract from crude oil: Cushing stocks built by 1.4 mb w/w to 68 mb, higher by 1.7 mb y/y, driven by lower deliveries on the Osage pipeline (which delivers to the HFC El Dorado and NCRA McPherson refineries). Planned CDU work currently underway at El Dorado likely prompted HFC to store material at ..

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  • | Canada oil data – Jan 2017

    This edition of the Canada oil data review debuts new supplementary data. Henceforth, this piece will contain additional production, refining, trade, maintenance, balances, and pricing data for Canada. These data augment the data review by providing a more comprehensive look at key metrics in Canada..

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  • | US Department of Energy

    Extract from crude oil: US crude stocks fell by 0.24 mb w/w to 528 mb, still higher y/y by 36 mb. In fact, the draws were toned down by a 2.2 mb build in PADD 1 caused by persistently low runs. The headline draw was driven by lower imports (down by 0.75 mb/d w/w to 7.4 mb/d, lower y/y by 0.29 mb/d)..

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  • | Less is more

    Sky-high optimism around US shale production growth brought oil prices back down to earth as Saudi Arabia warned it would not make room for free-riders. Given the constant improvement in Permian production type curves and strength in Canadian production of late, it would not be entirely inconceivabl..

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  • | US Department of Energy

    Extract from crude oil: Cushing stocks are set to come under pressure again in March, following a collapse in WTI-Midland differentials towards the end of the trade month. We predict a full month build of 2 mb, an increase of 1.5 mb from our previous forecast. This comes as WTI-Midland fell to as l..

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