Power markets in North America are undergoing massive transformation, in the type of generation serving demand, the policies governing the markets, and the interplay between the two. Market participants need to understand both the fundamental and regulatory factors behind price formation and our power service offers invaluable insights on all of these topics. Peter Rosenthal, who has more than two decades of experience covering these markets, leads the research from New York.


Our monthly Outlook report provides detailed analysis of supply and demand fundamentals, including all relevant data; state, federal and system-operator policies; environmental developments and price movements. The Outlook examines changes to the generating stack, including renewable mandates and related developments; views on load (demand) and its drivers; and forecasts for prices and their relationship to natural gas (implied heat rates).

The Outlook provides in-depth views on PJM, New York ISO, ISO New England and ERCOT as well as related fuels (natural gas, coal and petroleum) markets, leveraging our deep knowledge of power markets and our leading North America natural gas service.

Published monthly (11 per annum). Format: PDF


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Markets outlook focusing on shorter-term trading dynamics, including generation trends and forecasts, fuel market drivers and updates on demand. This format provides a quick summary between monthly outlooks on our major market ideas. 

Published bi-weekly. Format: PDF with data provided upon request



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E-mail alerts

E-mail alerts provide rapid insights into how market events, news headlines and policy developments will influence power markets and prices. E-mail alerts offer a short summary of market drivers, together with any implications for our market outlook.

Published periodically. Format: E-mail



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