Oil products

The oil products service analyses the global oil product market and includes separate reports for light ends, middle distillates and fuel oil.

Subscribers benefit from monthly reports and regional outlooks, e-mail alerts, data reviews, access to our analysts and regular events hosted at our global offices.

Covering topics from naphtha to fuel oil, Energy Aspects’ oil products service delivers data analyses, fundamentals, market updates and region- and product-specific outlooks. Market participants rely on this service to drive trading and investment decisions and to deliver profits.

Light Ends Outlook

This monthly report analyses the essentials driving global gasoline and naphtha balances and prices, delivering insight into price determination from a global perspective on these increasingly integrated markets. We cover each region by analysing changes in main indicators (such as individual country demand, supply, inventories and trade flows) for products, and we also provide price forecasts and historical indicative margins. The report covers all the information relevant to these complex markets.


Light Ends Outlook - Regional Overview

This report accompanies the Outlook and drills down into the key indicators of demand, supply, trade, inventory and prices for light ends products by region—Asia–Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Europe, FSU, North America and Latin America—to give the reader deeper insight into each market.



Middle Distillates Outlook

This monthly report covers market drivers for middle distillates in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the FSU, the Middle East and Africa that will influence future supply and demand. The publication provides complete analysis and insight into the middle distillates market.



Middle Distillates Outlook - Regional Overview

Alongside the Outlook, this publication goes into granular detail on the key indicators of demand, supply, trade, inventory and prices for middle distillate products by region—Asia–Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Europe, the FSU, North America and Latin America. This gives readers region-specific data that will help with both specialised and general decision making.



Fuel Oil Outlook

Covering global supply and demand factors, this monthly report on the fuel oil sector analyses developments that will affect the market as well as future prices of fuel oil and other bottom-of-the-barrel products, with particular emphasis on the East of Suez (Asia and Middle East) and  FSU. It includes critical indicators for each region as well as price forecasts and commentary on market drivers.



Fuel Oil Outlook - Regional Overview

This report accompanies the Outlook and analyses the key indicators of demand, supply, trade, inventory and prices for fuel oil products by region while also providing detailed studies of cracks, spreads and prices, granting readers greater insight into specific and general fuel oil trends to factor into their own strategic decision making.



E-mail Alerts

Our alerts provide rapid insights into how breaking market events and policy developments are influencing oil product markets and prices. E-mail Alerts deliver short summaries of the latest action as it happens, as well as how it applies to our balances and market outlook. Example topics include refinery outages and turnaround schedules, East/West arbs, product trade flows, political developments, and short-term changes in balances and their impact on prices and spreads.



Notes examine our outlook for supply, demand and prices for global refined products markets. In Notes, we summarise the forward-looking views derived from our balances as well as trends in the latest available fundamentals data. We examine key regions and pricing hubs such as New York Harbour, US Gulf Coast, Latin America, Northwest Europe, the Med, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. Each Note consists of a short commentary and provides easy-to-navigate table summaries as well as key charts.


Weekly Oil Products Update

Every Friday, this e-mail alert summarises key developments across all global refined product markets and explains how these events may affect our monthly price forecasts. Subscribers end the week with a full overview of the key market drivers.



US Oil Weekly

Our analysis of the latest US Oil Weekly data release for crude and oil products, combining commentary on the key market themes and the latest weekly EIA data release.





Our monthly Fundamentals report summarises all our research from the past month on each aspect of the oil and oil products landscape around the world, providing a complete picture of the state of the global crude environment. With region-specific balances, analyses and forecasts that give readers insight into topics ranging from refinery runs to storage levels to progress on upstream and downstream projects, Fundamentals provides a comprehensive overview of how we expect the oil production landscape to behave over the near future.


Data reviews

Data Reviews explore fundamental supply and demand statistics released by key agencies and governmental organisations, combining their latest data releases with our extensive proprietary models. Our Data Reviews provide instant updates on the latest numbers from OPEC, Canada, Middle East, China, India, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Norway, the UK, the FSU, Brazil and Mexico, along with analyses of US oil and shale output as well as US demand and trade.


Key themes

Key Themes provides Energy Aspect’s outlook for the development of crude oil and oil products markets in a pdf slideshow format. Easy to assimilate and available for use by clients in internal and external presentations (with due accreditation to Energy Aspects), this slideshow is published on a monthly basis.



Access to analysts

Our global team of analysts delivers rapid responses to client queries on market data, prices,  forecasts and the state of the market in general. We host regular Insight events for clients to  learn more about our market outlooks and meet our team.