Macro Energy

Our Macro Energy service delivers timely and detailed analysis on how geopolitics and supply–demand fundamentals converge to create the world’s energy landscape, and it also describes how we expect these developments will translate into risks and opportunities for energy commodity investors. Macro Energy subscribers also can access a full picture of how developments in the energy climate will affect the equity, fixed-income, currency and commodity markets.

The Macro Energy service steps back from the sea of numbers to look at the wider picture they present. Drawing from our deep energy sector expertise, we present our forward-looking analyses in a readily available format, enabling clients to better capitalise on global trends as they emerge.

Central to the service is the weekly Digest, which presents our commentary on key market drivers. The Digest is supplemented by frequent e-mail alerts on market-moving developments taking place around the world. Clients gain additional value by interacting directly with our analysts and drilling deeper into our data, studies and forecasts. Our Macro Energy team helps clients navigate these complex markets, informing investment decisions and maximising profits.


The Macro Digest is our flagship publication, delivering global views on the energy sector as well as unique, future-focussed perspectives on the key pivot and inflection points to watch across the energy complex. Intended for use by energy traders, investment managers, funds and banks, the Digest keeps subscribers informed of key market developments and their likely impact on pricing.


E-mail Alerts

E-mail alerts provide rapid insight into how unfolding market events and policy developments are influencing energy market production and prices. E-mail alerts deliver a short summary of market events they happen, together with its implications for balances and our market outlook. Macro Energy subscribers receive the most relevant e-mail alerts from across our range of services as well as dedicated Macro Energy insights.


Notes examine our outlook for the macroeconomic energy commodity environment. These analytical pieces summarise the effects that macro drivers will have on our forecasts and balances, examining global and local developments that will move commodities markets. Topics include OPEC developments, sudden market shocks, political developments and policy changes. Each Note consists of a short commentary and may also provide easy-to-navigate table summaries as well as key charts, keeping subscribers one step ahead of the ever-changing international energy market.

Access to analysts

Our global team of analysts delivers rapid responses to clients on market queries, data, prices and forecasts. We host regular Insight events for clients to hear our market outlooks and meet our team.