LPG and NGLs

Our LPG & NGLs service is overseen by Robert Campbell and covers the rapidly expanding and evolving global markets for LPG and other natural gas liquids.

With in-depth knowledge of these traded markets, our publications provide comprehensive coverage and deliver insights to keep you ahead of developments in this complex arena. 

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LPG & NGLs Outlook

Our flagship monthly publication combines commentary on key market themes and analysis of the important developments affecting the market and future prices. It details the factors behind price determination and explores the themes that will shape the future of the market.
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LPG & NGLs Regional overview

The report drills down in granular detail into the key indicators of demand, supply, trade, inventory and prices for LPG and gas liquids by region - Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Europe, FSU, North America and Latin America - to give the reader insight into a complex area.
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E-mail alert - LPG and NGLs

E-mail alerts

Rapid insight into key events and data releases as they unfold and their impact on the market.






Database access

We offer our proprietary balances data for LPG and ethane as part of the overall LPG & NGLs service. The data is presented in Excel for easy download, integration, and manipulation. We currently offer global databases for LPG supply, LPG demand, steam crackers, naphtha supply and naphtha demand. The database categories will expand over the coming months.




Access to analysts

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