Our carbon service offers invaluable insight into the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), as well as Kyoto Protocol offsets and emerging emissions markets in North America, China and elsewhere. The carbon service combines an in-depth monthly Outlook, weekly market update and regular alerts to keep clients on top of this rapidly changing market.


The EU ETS, Europe’s high-profile emissions trading scheme, has featured periods of intense price volatility driven by a frequently changing policy environment. Understanding the drivers behind the price volatility is essential for anyone with compliance obligations or trading interests in this area.

Our monthly Outlook report provides the tools for understanding these volatile markets. It provides detailed analysis of supply and demand fundamentals, policy, data, market participant behaviour and price movements. The Outlook includes an in-depth exploration of topics important to driving market prices, up-to-date market commentary, and long-term supply, demand and price forecasts for the European carbon market. As other emissions markets develop and mature (California, China, Korea, CORSIA), these will increasingly be covered as part of the service.



Our Insight reports look at some of the most important issues in the emissions space in greater analytical depth, analysing key implications for the traded markets. The topics are wide-ranging and will include deep dives into marginal abatement costs, emissions markets other than the EU ETS, significant changes in regulatory frameworks, and carbon's relationship with associated fuel markets. Recent Insight reports (previously published as part of the Outlook) analysed CORSIA, the EU Green Deal, and the abatement costs of the cement industry.



Carbon weekly

The Carbon Weekly report discusses current developments in the European emissions market. The report includes our view on price drivers in the market and where we expect EUA prices to go in the weeks ahead. It also delivers a snapshot of fundamental information for the carbon markets including supply and demand drivers such as EUA auctions and upcoming policy events.




E-mail alert - Emissions

E-mail alerts

E-mail alerts provide rapid insight into how unfolding market events and policy developments are influencing the carbon market and prices. E-mail alerts deliver a short summary of an event or development as it happens, together with the implications for balances and our market outlook.




Database accesss

Our proprietary balances data for the EU ETS form a vital part of the Emissions service. The data are presented in Excel files for easy download, integration and manipulation in clients’ systems. We offer databases with comprehensive statistics on EUA supply and demand, including information covering EUA free allocations, auction calendar and emissions by major sector.




Access to analysts

Our global team of analysts delivers rapid responses to our clients on market queries, data, prices and forecasts.