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The oil service, led by Amrita Sen, covers global crude oil markets. Clients ranging from trading houses and major producers to hedge funds and government ministries rely on our analysis to understand the complexities of world oil markets. Read more

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Perspectives - 6 days ago

100 days

Perspectives is our flagship weekly publication on oil, providing unparalleled information, analysis and views.

It has been well over 100 days since the OPEC production cuts were implemented, and the market has lost faith in the organisation as large visible stockdraws remain elusive. High GCC crude exports to the US also remain a concern, with OPEC exports falling by less than production so far, in part d..

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North America Quarterly - 2 months ago

North America Quarterly

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This is the February 2017 edition of our North America Quarterly, covering all important aspects of the region, with a particular focus o..

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Middle East and Africa Quarterly - 1 month ago

Middle East & Africa Quarterly

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Our recently enhanced Middle East & Africa Quarterly provides a comprehensive analysis of the region, examining key topics in depth and p..

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Fundamentals - 5 days ago


Fundamentals is our monthly review of global oil data, this is the April 2017 edition. Global oil demand eased q/q in Q1 17, but by less than seasonal averages and from a record high base. So, with OPEC output 1 mb/d lower q/q and non-OPEC production falling by around 0.5 mb/d q/q despite risin..

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In Focus - 3 months ago

The oil world in 2017

The oil world in 2017 cover

We use this 'In Focus' to identify and analyse 10 themes that we believe will shape the oil world in 2017 OPEC – The blind assassin..

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In Focus - 1 year ago

Cracking China's teapots

Cracking China's teapots cover

The Chinese economy will slow further in 2016. The correction in the real estate markets, and government pledges to curb overcapacity, wi..

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