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The oil service, led by Amrita Sen, covers global crude oil markets. Clients ranging from trading houses and major producers to hedge funds and government ministries rely on our analysis to understand the complexities of world oil markets. Read more

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Perspectives - 2 days ago

It's not all lost yet

Perspectives is our flagship weekly publication on oil, providing unparalleled information, analysis and views.

Oil prices have shot higher largely due to the reversal (positive gamma and short-covering) of the very factors that caused the plunge in December. The perceived health of the global economy has also improved from just a week ago, with the Fed stating that it will be sensitive to growth warnings..

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North America Quarterly - 1 month ago

North America Quarterly

North America Quarterly cover
This is the November 2018 edition of our North America Quarterly. It covers all important aspects of the region, with a particular focus..

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Europe, Middle East and Africa Quarterly - 1 month ago

Europe, Middle East & Africa Quarterly

Europe, Middle East & Africa Quarterly cover
Our Europe, Middle East & Africa Quarterly (EMEAQ) provides comprehensive analysis of the EMEA region, examining key topics in depth..

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Asia Pacific Quarterly - 2 months ago

Asia Pacific Quarterly

Asia Pacific Quarterly cover
This is the 11th edition of our Asia Pacific Quarterly, which provides detailed analysis of Asian crude and product markets. It covers th..

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Fundamentals - 3 weeks ago

Fundamentals December 2018

Fundamentals December 2018 cover
Fundamentals is our monthly review of global oil data, this is the December edition. Happy holidays, we'll see you in 2019!There have bee..

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In Focus - 3 hours ago

The oil world in 2019

The oil world in 2019 cover
We use this 'In Focus' to identify and analyse six themes that we believe will shape the oil world in 2019. In the coming weeks we will a..

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