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Oil products market analysis

The oil products service provides comprehensive coverage of global light ends, middle distillates and fuel oil markets. The service is headed up by Robert Campbell in New York. Read more

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Fuel oil Outlook - 1 month ago

Blend Off

A curious spate of incidents involving bad-quality bunker fuel underscores the challenges the industry faces over the coming months as suppliers drain tanks and start making new blends. The problems have spurred suggestions that IMO-compliant VLSFO could face similar challenges, lulling MGO bulls..

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Middle distillates Outlook - 4 days ago

Emerging menace

Emerging menace cover

Emerging market risks are growing for diesel, including Turkey’s slowing imports and Brazil’s unsustainable subsidy programme. Turkish ma..

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Light ends Outlook - 1 week ago

Long wick

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Total US gasoline stocks have risen by only 4 mb over the last month, but the market is focussing on what it thinks will come in the comi..

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Fundamentals - 15 hours ago

Fundamentals September 2018

Fundamentals September 2018 cover

According to our crude balances, Q4 18 is set to be the tightest quarter we have seen in over a decade and tighter than any quarter we ar..

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