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Natural gas market analysis

Energy Aspects offers coverage of the global natural gas markets, led by Trevor Sikorski in London. The service provides insight into the North American (Henry Hub), European (NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge and NCG), and global LNG markets.

Going strong cover

Global LNG - 3 weeks ago

Going strong

A hot July and some mid-summer stock building was enough to finally push Northeast Asian LNG prices out of their 5-6 $/mmbtu range, up to 6.35 $/mmbtu by late August. The tight mid-summer LNG market was helped by a tightening at European hubs, driven by a combination of pipeline supply outages,..

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North America - 2 months ago

Over Rover

Over Rover cover

Please note that we will not publish an August edition of North America Outlook. The monthly schedule will resume as normal in September...

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Europe - 5 days ago

Shoulder strain

Shoulder strain cover

Our last outlook, Summer softness, July/August 2017, marvelled at the weakness of the European gas markets, seemingly resistant to a numb..

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Global LNG - 2 weeks ago


Fundamentals cover

LNG imports continued to see strong y/y in gains in July, with China dominating the NE Asian market and Japan and South Korea once again..

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Europe - 1 week ago


Fundamentals cover

In August, cooler-than-normal weather in northern Europe led to declines in gas demand in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. In the UK,..

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Europe Global LNG - 2 weeks ago

LNG regas costs: Fixed or variable?

LNG regas costs: Fixed or variable? cover

Over the last few years our research has stressed the increasing importance of Henry Hub prices to global gas. We have also argued that a..

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North America - 1 month ago

Permian powerhouse

Permian powerhouse cover

The Permian basin has seen incredible oil output growth in recent years, from an average of 1.3 mb/d in 2013 to around 2.0 mb/d in 2016...

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