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Natural gas market analysis

Energy Aspects offers coverage of the global natural gas markets, led by Trevor Sikorski in London. The service provides insight into the North American (Henry Hub and basis), European (NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge and NCG), and global LNG markets.

Squeezing the TTF cover

Global LNG - 3 days ago

Squeezing the TTF

Panorama reports provide weekly analysis and views on global gas markets.

Please note that users licensed for the data service can access LNG freight rates by clicking here.Two consecutive weeks of TTF gains have provided support for JKM flat prices but have tightened the JKM-TTF spreads across the curve. Still, the European fundamentals have not materially changed, wi..

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North America - 23 hours ago

Production sings, pipelines swing

Production sings, pipelines swing cover
Today’s report (week ended 12 Jul): EIA net change: +62 bcf, EA: +62 bcfIn a rare turn of events, today’s print fell under consensus (see..

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Europe - 3 days ago

Unbalanced bull

Unbalanced bull cover
Some supportive short-term supply fundamentals coalesced on Monday morning to help last week’s bull run in the European gas markets maint..

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Global LNG - 3 weeks ago

Crazy high supply

Crazy high supply cover
The extremely high levels of LNG supply into the market continue, though the expected new terminals have yet to make an impact in 2019. W..

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North America - 3 weeks ago

What upside?

What upside? cover
SupplyWe only expect a notable step-up in sequential production growth at the close of the injection season and start of heating season 2..

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Europe - 1 week ago

Searching for storage

Searching for storage cover
At the start of Q2 19, we talked about the importance of getting the 25 bcm y/y storage surplus down so that Q3 19 prices would not be as..

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Europe - 1 month ago

Hitting parity

Hitting parity cover
For the NW Europe hubs, the TTF looks more bearish than it did at the start of May. The y/y storage gap dropped in the first two weeks by..

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