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Energy Aspects offers coverage of the global natural gas markets, led by Trevor Sikorski in London. The service provides insight into the North American (Henry Hub and basis), European (NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge and NCG), and global LNG markets.

US supply revised down for September cover

Global LNG - 5 days ago

US supply revised down for September

Panorama reports provide weekly analysis and views on global gas markets.

Users licensed for the data service can access LNG freight rates.We have further revised down our US LNG export forecast for September on the back of market soundings for cancellations that month. We have also cut our October supply numbers, but we forecast LNG production risi..

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North America - 3 days ago

Pipeline bling

Pipeline bling cover
Today’s report (week ended 24 Jul): EIA: +26 bcf, EA: +21 bcfToday's EIA print came in moderately higher than consensus. The print sugges..

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Europe - 6 days ago

Lower outages at Budince unlikely to alter storage use

Lower outages at Budince unlikely to alter storage use cover
Flows though the Budince border point could slow as its lengthy scheduled maintenance was cut short by the Ukrainian system operator. How..

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Global LNG - 4 days ago

A fine balance

A fine balance cover
European and Asian gas prices are likely to stay in their current ranges for the coming months as market prices have found an equilibrium..

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North America - 1 week ago

Come shale away

Come shale away cover
SupplyThe bounce-back from production shut-ins has been evident in the past four to six weeks, but its momentum has been distorted by ext..

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Europe - 2 weeks ago

Self storage

Self storage cover
The TTF looks to have reached a more stable price level around €5.00/MWh, which should largely hold for Q3 20. The stability stems from t..

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Europe - 3 weeks ago

European coal closures: Long goodbye

European coal closures: Long goodbye cover
In this Insight, we look at the timeline for Europe exiting coal-fired power generation, driven by a combination of government policy and..

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