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Natural gas market analysis

Energy Aspects offers coverage of the global natural gas markets, led by Trevor Sikorski in London. The service provides insight into the North American (Henry Hub and basis), European (NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge and NCG), and global LNG markets.

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Global LNG - 1 day ago

Global LNG

Panorama reports provide weekly analysis and views on global gas markets.

While the NE Asian LNG market continues to wait for the proper onset of winter, some wintery weather in North America led to high volatility at Henry Hub. Jan-19 Henry Hub closed Thursday up by some 0.5 $/mmbtu w/w at 4.1 $/mmbtu, but this is still low-priced gas in the global context. Even accou..

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North America - 2 days ago

Springtime for gas bulls

Springtime for gas bulls cover

Next week's Panorama will be released on Wednesday 21 November, due to the Thanksgiving holidayToday’s report (week ended 9 Nov): EIA: +3..

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Europe - 5 days ago

European gas

European gas cover

European hubs started Monday in a bullish mood as weather forecasts over the weekend shifted to show below-normal temperatures from next..

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Global LNG - 2 weeks ago

Supply surge

Supply surge cover

In what was a very eventful October on the verge of the heating season, three key things stood out with potential implications for the re..

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North America - 2 weeks ago

Winter waiting game

Winter waiting game cover

Users licensed for the data service can access our US gas balances and North American gas price forecasts. Supply The swift pace in sequ..

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Europe - 2 days ago

First taste

First taste cover

A change in weather forecasts in mid-November altered expectations for the second half of this month, with Europe promised its first tast..

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Europe - 4 weeks ago

Spikes ahead

Spikes ahead cover

One of the developments of the year has been the rise in gas prices, with the TTF Nov-18 contract some 54% higher than the Nov-17 average..

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