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Energy Aspects offers coverage of the global natural gas markets, led by Trevor Sikorski in London. The service provides insight into the North American (Henry Hub and basis), European (NBP, TTF, Zeebrugge and NCG), and global LNG markets.

EU LNG supply to drop y/y in Q3 20 cover

Global LNG - 3 days ago

EU LNG supply to drop y/y in Q3 20

Panorama reports provide weekly analysis and views on global gas markets.

Users licensed for the data service can access LNG freight rates by clicking here.We expect aggregate European LNG imports to be 2.2 Mt lower y/y in Q3 20, marking the first quarterly y/y import drop since Q3 18. LNG disappearing from Europe’s import balance will act as a price support for all ma..

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North America - 1 day ago

Known unknowns

Known unknowns cover
Today’s report (week ended 29 May): EIA: +102 bcf, EA: +104 bcfToday’s print came in close to 1 bcf/d below consensus estimates calling f..

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Europe - 4 days ago

Potential for slower injections to firm TTF Q3-20

Potential for slower injections to firm TTF Q3-20 cover
TTF prices extending to Oct-20 will remain focussed on the pace of storage injections over the next few weeks, following last week’..

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Global LNG - 1 week ago

Closed for the summer

Closed for the summer cover
The continued dampening of global gas demand due to COVID-19 containment measures, aligned with persistent LNG supply, has resulted in gl..

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North America - 2 weeks ago

Shut the frac door

Shut the frac door cover
SupplyMay production is showing a marked 6 bcf/d m/m or so drop as crude shut-ins led to large-scale declines in the first full week of t..

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Europe - 3 weeks ago

Exit strategy

Exit strategy cover
The EU gas market is entering a period in which coronavirus (COVID-19) measures imposed by governments are starting to be eased. EU count..

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Europe - 1 month ago

Swings and swings

Swings and swings cover
Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures imposed by governments have led us to make a number of adjustments to our summer 2020 EU gas demand forec..

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