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The Macro Energy service from Energy Aspects, led by Yasser Elguindi, offers a specific focus on how energy prices are being driven by supply and demand fundamentals and geopolitics, and how that in turn will feed into risks and opportunities across a whole host of markets. Read more

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Weak margins are not a harbinger of doom

Following all the drama of the spring, the summer market has been downright boring. Volatility has compressed, and traders who rode the rollercoaster of Q2 20’s shocks to supply and demand, WTI’s disintegration into negative pricing and Brent’s fierce 108% rally from late April to early June are..

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Access to analysts

Clients of the Macro service have direct access to our analysts to glean further in-depth analysis, answer questions and discuss market trends. Each client will have a nominated senior analyst available for interactions.

Events and conference calls

Subscribers will receive invitations to our client events, held regularly around the world to provide opportunities to network with peers from the industry, along with our conference calls.