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The LPG & NGLs service, headed up by Samantha Hartke, covers the rapidly expanding and evolving global markets for LPG and other natural gas liquids. Read more

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Outlook - 1 day ago

Trip the light fantastic

US ethane is caught between a rock and a hard place. Facing near-term production cutbacks, prices have strengthened to incentivise greater recovery. However, outright values need to be low enough to ensure profitable ethane cracker margins. This has set off a tug-of-war in markets. US production..

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Regional overview

Alongside each LPG & NGLs Outlook we also publish a Regional Overview. This report drills down into the key demand, supply, trade, inventory and price indicators by region. The Overviews are included in the same publication email as the Outlook and available to download from the publication pages.

Data Service

Subscribers to the LPG & NGLs service also receive access to the accompanying data service. This includes our global LPG balances, global naphtha balances, a global steam cracker database and our new PDH database. All of these are downloadable in Excel format from the data service page.