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The Long-term service, led by Matthew Parry, provides our view on core international energy markets―oil, gas, coal, renewables and nuclear―out to 2040. Read more.

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Long-term energy market outlook - 4 months ago

Energy market outlook

Over the next two decades, energy markets will face some of the biggest changes and challenges they have ever endured. First, a dramatic evolution in energy demand will result in an unprecedented number of people joining the global middle class, estimated at a staggering 140 million people each y..

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Medium-term outlook - 1 year ago

Medium-term oil market outlook

Medium-term oil market outlook cover
This is the first edition of the yearly Energy Aspects Medium-term oil market outlook. The publication—looking out over the next fi..

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In Focus - 4 months ago


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We are pleased to provide all our clients with this In Focus report on hydrogen. The In Focus hydrogen report is part of our Long-term se..

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