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The Long-term service, led by Matthew Parry, provides our view on core international energy markets―oil, gas, coal, renewables and nuclear―out to 2040. Read more.

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Medium-term outlook - 6 months ago

Medium-term oil market outlook

This is the first edition of the yearly Energy Aspects Medium-term oil market outlook. The publication—looking out over the next five years—ensures our long-term forecasts reflect the latest fundamental drivers at the prompt, such as economic shifts, technology changes, and regulatory..

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Long-term energy market outlook - 1 year ago

Long-term outlook

Long-term outlook cover
The Long-term energy market outlook report sets out comprehensive views on supply, demand and prices from 2018 to 2040. The report includ..

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Workshops will be held annually in both London and Houston. The workshop provides a forum for our analysts to present our long-term methodology and views and fully address topics of interest. Subscribing companies will have two seats at either the London or Houston workshop.

The 2019 workshops were held in June. Subscribers to the long-term service can access the presentation slides from both workshops.