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Avoiding the void cover

Outlook - 1 week ago

Avoiding the void

Bearish fundamentals will continue for the rest of the year, although they are starting to ease, paving the way for an end-of-year rally. The long-term bull that is the EU ETS will limit downside in the coming weeks, keeping EUAs pegged in the €24–30/t range, but heading to the top of..

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Carbon weekly - 2 days ago

Brexit and budget

Brexit and budget cover
EUAs are still unlikely to break out of the range of €24–30/t in the coming weeks. COVID-19 measures will continue to weigh on demand, wh..

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Carbon weekly - 1 week ago

No COP, some action

No COP, some action cover
There is unlikely to be impetus for EUAs to break out of the range of €24–30/t as the demand-dampening impacts of COVID-19 should not be..

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