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Outlook - 6 days ago

Time out

We expect the EUA rally, which has seen prices tip above €30/t, will begin to run out of steam and the market will start to trade flatter over the coming months. Volatility has remained a hallmark of the market, so the trading range should be a wide €24–30/t until the end of Q3 20.  H2..

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Carbon weekly - 55 minutes ago

Aviation slow to take-off

Aviation slow to take-off cover
Aviation is the EU ETS sector that has been hit hardest by COVID-19. July is likely to have marked the start of a rise in air travel. A n..

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Carbon weekly - 1 week ago

CBAM is coming

CBAM is coming cover
The proposal for an EU-wide carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) to address potential carbon leakage is among the more contentious i..

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