Coke diet

Published at 09:16 27 Oct 2017 by

Fuel oil has been largely treading water for the past month, but relatively high stock levels at key pricing points mean there is little enthusiasm for aggressive positions in the near term. Looking ahead to 2018, however, the market is facing a renewed tightening of the supply side. The Russian ref…

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Finding IMO

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2017-09 Oil - Fuel oil Outlook - Finding IMO cover

The fuel oil market is shifting to a more cautious posture. Longer-term bullish trends are intact..

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Crack conundrum

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2017-08 Oil - Fuel oil Outlook - Crack conundrum cover

For much of the summer, the main worry for the fuel oil market has been the supply response due t..

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Still kicking

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2017-07 Oil - Fuel oil Outlook - Still kicking cover

The strength in fuel oil has gone on for so long that it risks breeding complacency. Strong crack..

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The black sheep

Published 4 months ago

2017-06 Oil - Fuel oil Outlook - The black sheep cover

Asian fuel oil cracks and timespreads have performed strongly since late May despite bunker fuel..

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