LNG regas costs: Fixed or variable?

Published at 14:08 6 Sep 2017 by

Over the last few years our research has stressed the increasing importance of Henry Hub prices to global gas. We have also argued that at times the global gas market will need to balance by ultimately closing the arbitrage window between North America and the European markets.The arb will close whe…

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Despite ASN announcements, scheduled outages suggest y/y improvement in French nuclear availability in Q4 17

Published 1 day ago

No cover

In summary: The French nuclear regulator (ASN) today gave an update on investigations into i..

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European gas

Published 2 days ago

2017-09-18 Natural Gas - Europe - European gas cover

NBP and continental gas prices continued their bull run last week, supported by high coal prices,..

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Japan – Aug 2017

Published 15 hours ago

2017-09-20 Natural Gas - Global LNG - Japan – Aug 2017 cover

Japan’s LNG imports fell by 6% (0.47 Mt) y/y in August to 7.26 Mt, as cooler weather helped..

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India – Aug 2017

Published 16 hours ago

2017-09-20 Natural Gas - Global LNG - India – Aug 2017 cover

Indian LNG imports slipped by 0.05 Mt y/y to 1.58 Mt (2.08 bcm) in August, as higher power demand..

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South Korea - Aug 2017

Published 5 days ago

2017-09-15 Natural Gas - Global LNG - South Korea - Aug 2017 cover

South Korea imported 2.6 Mt of LNG in August, 0.63 Mt more y/y despite weaker demand, with import..

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