Ding dong

Published at 13:13 26 Jul 2017 by . Last edited 14:35 26 Jul 2017.

Against a background of Northeast Asian LNG prices remaining stuck firmly in the 5–6 $/mmbtu range, as they have been since the end of February, some big developments were seen in the global gas market. Following on from last month’s diplomatic isolation by a number of other Arab states, led by Sa..

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Japan – Jul 2017

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2017-08-17 Natural Gas - Global LNG - Japan – Jul 2017 cover

Following a marginal y/y decline in June, Japanese LNG imports climbed by 0.24 Mt y/y (4%) in Jul..

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South Korea – Jul 2017

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South Korea imported 2.72 Mt of LNG in July, 0.80 Mt more y/y, while lower aggregate demand once..

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June was a strong month for LNG imports in the main demand centres, with Asian demand strong as C..

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Latin America – Jun 2017

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Indicative data for June show Latin American LNG imports expanding by 0.40 Mt y/y to 2.04 Mt. Hal..

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