Power North America Outlook

  • Little green men

    Little green men cover image Published 30 Oct 2019 by
    Further spot and forward declines in delivered Appalachian gas prices, at least outside of winter, are widening heat rates at PJM-West. We have been aggressive in our view on Q3 19 heat rates specifically, and with the market now in line with our view, we are further widening our forecast to acco..

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  • Pipes not wires

    Pipes not wires cover image Published 27 Sep 2019 by
    The pace of renewables growth in Texas, along with continued gains in demand driven by petroleum activity, will offset each other to leave reserve margins next summer similar to where they stood entering August 2019, though it would take warmer-than-normal weather to surpass prices seen in summer..

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  • On demand

    On demand cover image Published 30 Aug 2019 by
    It took a few weeks of real weather to remind market participants that spot prices in power drive forwards, and that they do not always go down. This is more true in ERCOT, where demand and price records were broken, reinvigorating summer 2020 and beyond. While in the East, a warmer-than-normal J..

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  • Cool down

    Cool down cover image Published 23 Jul 2019 by
    Overview This summer has brought heat and humidity but not high prices, at least so far. Our forecast is slightly above market forwards in PJM and New York, though renewed declines have narrowed that gap of late. New England term prices are higher than our expectations, meanwhile, as demand has d..

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  • Marcellus Sale

    Marcellus Sale cover image Published 28 Jun 2019 by
    This Outlook publication is the first for our new North America power service, which will typically be released mid-month. We welcome your feedback on the new report. Overview: A complete lack of price volatility in spring 2019—due in part to milder-than-normal weather through early June&md..

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