Our Clients

Our clients come from a broad cross section of the industry. With both short- and long-term market analysis, we provide comprehensive information to those interested in energy markets, whether for trading or personal investment. We currently work with major names from all of these sectors:

  • Producers
  • Trading houses
  • Hedge funds
  • Fund managers
  • Private equity
  • Banks
  • Refiners
  • Government entities
  • Utilities
  • Industrial consumers




Energy Aspects provides one of the best market intelligence briefs in a timely manner. Since their inception, Energy Aspects’ analysis of the oil market fundamentals became one of the outstanding sources to appreciate and comprehend these market dynamics. 

Dr. Nasser Al-Dossary, Advisor to H.E. the Minister of Petroleum and Minerals Saudi Arabia


What Energy Aspects does so well is pull together a very brief summary. If you want to dive into detail, you can read the whole report—but it’s still very brief, so you’ve got time to do that. You can get wise reading Energy Aspects’ stuff for two hours a week. Really. It’s very good.

Mary-Jane Hogg, Commercial Director Feedstocks - Dow


I’d recommend the Energy Aspects service to others. It’s a clear value-add. Their analysts are very responsive and they’ve helped me out a lot.

Shaun Kempenich, Director, Commodity Strategy - PBF Energy