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Building the future of energy analysis

Every day we comb through data, creating insightful commentary to keep our clients fully informed about global energy markets. When a million moving parts create a seemingly impenetrable picture, we pinpoint the relevant trends and get that information across quickly. In our global team, everyone matters. From market gurus to data crunchers, technology buffs to administration specialists. We all work together to ensure our clients understand the energy market. We value dynamic people who take responsibility and achieve great results.

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Our analysts are talented data detectives. They understand what is making and, importantly, what will make global energy markets tick. From building models and writing reports, to fine-tuning supply-demand balances and keeping up to date with price moves, analysts are our information maestros keeping our clients well informed.

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Designing and engineering scalable systems for both clients and colleagues, our technology team is a hotspot of innovation. From DevOps to JavaScript—and everything in between—, they streamline and optimise to ensure our client journey is one of ease and speed. They make our products, which are entirely digital, beautifully simple.

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Business Development

Always ready for a friendly chat, this team excels at matching our clients to the services that best meet their needs. They excel at building relationships, organising analyst presentations, and scouring the globe for new contacts who could benefit from our award-winning research.

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Our corporate support team works behind the scenes to ensure every day runs smoothly. Roles cover everything from editing our reports, recruiting the best people, running client events, to ensuring our offices are great spaces in which to work. We could not get the job done without them.

Your fit

We offer a hard-working and rewarding environment, working alongside well-respected energy market thought leaders in a collaborative and tight-knit team. We have attractive remuneration, an excellent benefits package, a high-performance culture, and challenging and exciting work. We are an enthusiastic and inclusive team. There is space for you in our growing company whether you are just starting your career, have gained some experience, or are an industry heavyweight. We warmly invite you to get in touch with us.

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive set of benefits to all of our employees, whether you're based in London, New York, or Singapore. In addition to providing a fantastic, modern working environment with top of the range equipment, we offer:

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Gym subsidy

Keeping fit and healthy is important. That's why we provide a subsidy towards your gym membership. Our London team also play amateur five-a-side football once a month.

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Private health and travel insurance

Comprehensive medical and travel insurance with dental and optician cashback.

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Annual bonus

Annual bonus based on company and personal performance paid in February each year for the previous calendar year, and pro-rated in the first year.

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Employer pension contributions

We'll contribute into a private pension plan, managed by an independent organisation, to help plan for a comfortable future.

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Generous paid holiday

We work hard, we play hard! You're encouraged to take advantage of the generous paid annual leave allowance to allow you to enjoy time away from your screen.

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Flexible benefit options

Season ticket loans, cycle to work scheme, childcare vouchers, obligatory ping-pong table and open bar on Fridays (London office).

Our people make us

Energy Aspects is great because...

there is a sense that everyone is building this company together. It feels like a rare opportunity to work innovatively and entrepreneurially in what is often a very traditional industry.

In another life I would have been a...

nomad, slowly hiking every coastline with only my tent, surfboard, and my dog.

My typical day

Scan through e-mails on my way to the office. Once in, I’ll analyse any overnight data releases, and write my research. In the afternoon, we might have a team meeting with the New York office to discuss market topics and progress on longer-term projects.

Throughout the day, I’ll be monitoring prices, data and news for any interesting moves or trends. I’ll also be speaking to clients, traders and journalists, answering their questions or simply swapping notes with them.

Most weeknights, it’s water polo practice by 7:30pm. On Fridays, desks slowly clear by early evening as the team heads to our very own bar. It has a stunning view of London, making it a great place to host a client with a coffee or a beer during the week, while on Friday it becomes the office watering hole.

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Energy Aspects is great because...

of the unwavering culture of resourcefulness. My colleagues in Singapore, London, and New York are readily available to help, and this is essentially the same attitude and approach we take with our clients.

In another life I would have been a...

Politician, lawmaker or activist in Africa helping to fight corruption and draft smart and simple laws.

My typical day

My average day starts with watching Bloomberg at 6am, typically for 15-20 minutes before leaving home. It gives me a good sense of how to start my day because I can gauge the market prior to calling prospective clients. Once I get to the office, I spend some time using our internal tools to review deals, daily tasks, my calendar, sales reports and key individuals to contact.

After some research about prospective clients on their company websites, I’m typically hitting the phones by 10am and speaking about how our research can be helpful in guiding their trading, investment and strategic decisions.

One benefit of working in the New York office and having our Business Development team based in London is that the time difference allows me to get a good picture (thanks to my London team) of what my day will be like in terms of deals that are pending, potential future clients I should talk to, and contracts that need signing.

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Energy Aspects is great because...

of its high work standards and the friendly environment. I like the enthusiasm of the company's stakeholders, who continuously work towards making the company better.

In another life I would have been a...

superstar tennis player!

My typical day

My average day starts with hustle and bustle at home. I reach the office at around 8:30am. After some snack time, the first thing that I work on is writing a couple of tests on the code for a refresher.

At 9:30am, I attend a virtual meeting with colleagues, which helps me plan my day in advance and gives me an opportunity to think about the previous day retrospectively. After that, I start working on my projects. This may involve some new, cool tech application for the company, or fine-tuning existing systems.

We regularly peer review each other’s code and have chats and meetings to discuss the solutions or designs. During my coffee time, I like to chit-chat with people from other teams in the kitchen.

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Energy Aspects is great because...

the diversity in the company is truly amazing within each of the three offices that we have across the globe.

In another life I would have been a...

professional swimmer! Singapore had the honour of receiving its first Olympic gold medal in swimming at Rio 2016 and I dream big!

My typical day

I start the day with a cup of coffee. I then usually catch up on emails and market news, and reply to client queries. The morning in Singapore is a good time to chat with my manager, who’s based in New York, due to the time difference.

That, usually that takes me to lunch time which is an important activity in Singapore! Sometimes we meet clients for lunch to discuss markets and generally anything under the sun. After lunch, it’s back to work. We have weekly deliverables and ad hoc consultancy work. I usually try to complete the weekly deliverables at the start of the week, before catching up on other ad hoc work in the later part of the week. The London office begins work around 4-5 pm Singapore-time, so it can get busy around then if we need to chat and coordinate work.

I normally end the day at around 7pm and head home to spend time with family. Once my daughter heads to bed at 9pm, I may turn on my laptop to continue work but that depends on what’s on TV!

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Energy Aspects is great because...

it feels like you are working with family. Everyone works as hard as each other and you can always rely on each other for help.

In another life I would have been a...

veterinarian working with an animal sanctuary to rehabilitate and rehome animals.

My typical day

I can’t explain a typical day of an Office Manager as no two days are the same. It would be easiest to say I assist with whatever the day brings!

That could be greeting clients, potential hires or even the handyman. I help with the accounting, making sure that our bills are paid and that everyone gets their expenses back. I meet our new talent on their first day, make sure they are set up on all of our systems and show them around the office. Event organising is also a big part of the job, and it is always fun to host a Brunch Series event in the great space that is the London office.

One of the most important parts of the job is making sure that everything in the office is in working order. That could be anything from the coffee machine to the showers to the conference phones.

I think it is important to be someone who can be relied upon to not only take care of day-to-day jobs, but also help with making everyone feel at home in a happy working environment.

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What we do

We analyse market fundamentals and forecast price movements. We look at the issue from every angle: from OPEC dynamics and deep water production, through to trade flows and data trends. We examine how policy can influence carbon prices and the uptake of electric vehicles, how the weather shapes natural gas storage numbers, and much more besides.

We develop in-depth research by combining our extensive data models with our network of high-level industry contacts and our forward-looking views on all major market trends. Our team has an industry-wide reputation for providing relevant, insightful and timely commentary and global news organisations regularly feature comments from our analysts.

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Current openings


Recently filled

  • Junior oil market analyst (Jan 2018)
  • Head of People (Nov 2017)
  • Senior Web Developer (Oct 2017)
  • Sales Executive (Oct 2017)
  • Oil market analyst (Oct 2017)
  • Editor (Sep 2017)
  • Senior oil market analyst (Sep 2017)

Summer internships

The 2017 summer internship application window has now closed. Applications will open in early 2018 for our next summer internship programme. We are pleased to host a variety of interns, who are either in their final or penultimate year at university in a relevant subject, across all our business lines every year.

Register your interest here to be notified when the application form for 2018 goes live.